About me!

Hello, world!

My name is Mary Jane Hughes and I am a Public Relations major at the University of Florida hoping to provide helpful tips on how to make your life well-rounded and successful.

Living and going to school in Florida, I have had the opportunity to learn so much in Public Relations and hope to pursue a career in the field. From shadowing a professional within a Public Relations agency to teaching an extended orientation class to better the opportunities of fellow University of Florida students, these many different experiences that have built me into the skilled professional I am today.

Now, I’m looking for new challenges and hope to venture even further down my chosen career path and learning as I go.

From Kayaking to being a competitive swimmer, my life is surrounded by the water. I also enjoy helping individuals in my community. For example, I am a conversational volunteer for the English Language Institute for the University of Florida.fullsizeoutput_102c.jpeg

Other than English being my native language I have taken up American Sign Language so that I can speak with a part of the community that is typically overlooked. Language is the only barrier between countries and I love to learn so that I can travel with an open mind!

Here is the link to my website including my resume and more information about what I hope to accomplish in my career.

If there is one thing you retain from my site is this quote by Florence Nightingale,

“I attribute my success to this:
 I never gave or took any excuse.”


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